Why use CATS?

CATS testing is a valuable component of the admissions process because the testing is conducted in a one-on-one session with a licensed psychologist who is experienced in working with young children.  Children at pre-school and kindergarten ages are often able to demonstrate their abilities more effectively in an individualized session than in a group testing format.  Children usually enjoy the testing session because activities are varied and age-appropriate.  The length of the session depends on the child’s age but generally lasts from 30 minutes (three-year-old’s) to 60 minutes.  Results of the evaluation are sent to participating schools to which the child is applying.  Parents receive a summary of the evaluation results.

CATS has the capability of expanding to serve the needs of additional schools and older applicants.  The goal of the association is to ease the burden of the application process on both schools and families, while providing quality evaluations for applicants.